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How can a Employee Relation System™ help my business?

We are a client-driven company that knows full well the exposure and liability employers face on a day-to-day basis. You set the pace, we have your back!

Quite often employees see the HR department as an employee advocate, looking after their best interests, when the most important aspect of a solid employee relations program is one that acts in the best interest of the organization, the workforce as a whole, and individual employees. Ensuring that managers, supervisors and employees know and understand their roles and responsibilities, and adequately communicating the company’s policies, and compliance with the law can be crucial to limiting and preventing legal liability for our clients. Our clients are our customers, and one of our clients primary customers are its employees.

Mission Statement

Vero Integritas Global approaches your business as if it were our business.

At Vero Integritas Global, we have found that the right approach is necessary for the right outcome. Our approach is to apply our external HR knowledge to your organization’s internal way of doing business. In order to maximize your business, potential and success we know we need to shape our expert advice in a way that applies to the way you do business. We find this approach builds deep and lasting business relationships.

We believe a consulting firm should be more than just reports and presentations. We step into our clients’ shoes, align our incentives with your objectives, and collaborate to help you unlock the full potential of your business.

HR Document Library

We offer a large variety of SAMPLE forms, excel spreadsheets, SOPs, Policies, Letters, Memoranda, etc. Clients have the ability to view these templates and customize forms of their own

HR Consulting

Our consultants are available to assist you navigate the difficult decisions that come with employee discipline. We are here to help owners, managers, supervisors, etc., to ensure that employees are treated with the respect that they deserve, and that employers get the most of their human capital.

HR Training

With constant changes in Employment laws and workforce strategies, we can help keep companies aware and informed of these changes and to help them educate employees of their corresponding responsibilites.

Track you Employee...From start to finish....

According to the Office of Research, Information and Planning, EEOC charge
statistics there were a total of 89,385 individual charge filings brought against U.S. companies, nationally; a slight increases from 2014.

In 2015, there were 39,757 retaliation charges filed; 71,650 of these charges were based on Title VII.

The following claims were filed through the EEOC in the last 3-5 years:

Monetary benefits paid out through the EEOC, alone were approximately $129 million dollars, which does not include costs associated with litigations (an estimated increase of $34 million from 2014).

Noted independent security management consultant and author, Charles Sennewald said, The investigative process is a comprehensive activity involving the collection of information, the application of logic, and the exercise of sound reasoning”.
Vero Integritas Globals’, Employee Relations System is the embodiment of this ideology. For more information contact an HR Liaison today!


Employee Relation System™ (ERS) is a product by Vero Integritas Global, Inc.

We’ve got your six!

Vero Integritas Global, Inc., architect of Employee Relation System™ (ERS), is dedicated to providing our clients with solutions and strategies to help meet the challenges of a diverse and uncertain world.

Our ERS system is focused on providing viable and workable HR solutions toward minimizing employer legal liabilities for employment decisions made by management. These solutions include assistance with workplace conduct, investigations, and employee interactions. Vero’s HR Consultants have managed hundreds of cases involving a wide range of complex investigations, including sexual harassment, discrimination and time card fraud while preserving the confidentiality and dignity of all parties involved within process.