Employee Relation System™ FAQ’s

Employee Relation System™ (ERS) is offered on an monthly subscription basis. The cost is based upon the features you choose, number of employees or number of users in your organization

Setup can take a few days, depending on the size of your organization. This includes setting up key accounts and adding all your employee’s data.

Clients manage their own database; our HR Consultants provide advisory and ancillary services that meet the individual needs of our clients. Our consultants are responsible for assisting clients with monitoring internal disciplinary programs, cases, and investigations. We are also available to assist with conducting employee relations assessments and providing training to ensure the most appropriate employee relations outcomes and to assist clients with ensuring they have a complete record-keeping system for internal employee relations issues.

Yes, we have HR Generalists available to assist you with your general HR needs.

As an ancillary service, we can provide face-to-face HR Consultations, to include conducting an unbiased data collection of relevant facts and interviews, upon request

Our HR Consultants are HR Generalists and experts in the field of employee relations and investigations carefully selected for extensive experience in a variety of work environments.  They are “hands-on professionals who will embed into your HR department to understand the intimate needs of each individual client.

The system is user friendly and easy to set up. The HR Consultant assign to represent your needs is available to assist you at your convenience.